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Mouth-watering Chocolate Cake Online Order Unilimited Design

Chocolate cake is the most popular choice for birthday cakes and special occasions. It is rich and creamy, with a smooth texture and a thick, dark chocolate taste. Chocolate cake can be made from scratch or purchased in a store.

If you are planning to order chocolate cake online, it is important to check if the store offers free delivery. The delivery options also vary depending on where you live. It is rich and creamy, with a smooth texture and a thick, dark chocolate taste. Chocolate cake can be made from scratch and we offer free same-day delivery.

Chocolate Cake delivery for birthday by Flowera

Flowera is offering the most delicious and unique chocolate cake for birthday and anniversary or for kids, we have the largest variety of dark chocolate cake available in so many design and themes. If you live near the store, you can pick up your own cake. This is a great option if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to wait for it to be delivered. If you’re going to order online, make sure that the delivery options include free shipping on all orders. You might also want to ask about their “no questions asked” guarantee.

Dark chocolate cake design available in all prices and kgs

We provide fully cusomizable cake delivery portal in PAN India Where we have the largest and freshest cake inventory in the world from half kg to 1kg chocolate cake and from 1kg to 25 kg we have all the options available. 1 kg price starts from 699/- in flowera and that goes upto 20,000 depends on the requirement like some people ask for 1 kg and some people ask for double flavor or double story chocolate cake for their kids, we have it all.

Chocolate cake is a delicious dessert that can be enjoyed by everyone, even children. Chocolate cake has many benefits for your health, and it is also very good for you. You should not avoid the chocolate cake because it will affect your weight and health negatively.

Order Chocolate Cake online from the best bakery in town.

Many people nowadays have started eating chocolate cake for their birthday parties or other occasions. If you want to order chocolate cake delivery, then there are some things that you should know first before making such an order.


There are some things that you need to know when ordering chocolate cake delivery:


  1. The type of cake that you want;
  2. The size of the cake;
  3. The price of the cake;
  4. Delivery time;
  5. Payment method

1 The type of cake you want

There are numerase cakes avaialble in the market comes in so many shapes and design there are heart shape cake, round shape, oval shape, double decker cake, rectangle square and much more. Also available in so many themes like Shinchan cakes, Spider man cakes and much more. So, you have to be very clear on what you want thus, you should go to a platform where you can see all of the together.

2 The Size of the Cake

A Delicious chocolate cake may come in to so many sizes starting from half kg it can go from 1 kilograms to many kg so be clear according to your serving size and serving members.

3 The price of the cake

Flowera offers unbeatable price all over India but you should always look for comparison so you can select the best suitable price according to your pocket size, in flowera 1 kg chocolate cake price starts from 399 and goes upto 20 thousand. Like this you will get  so many options in cake’s prices consider the taste at best price which is’s motto .

4 Delivery time

In this fast era you are getting advanced with the delivery also. Earlier, delivery use to take more than 15 days hence to deliver a cake it was not reall possible at that time. Thus, with modernization next day delivery and same day delivery came into existance but being the expert in the field flowera is offering fastes cake and flower delivery in bhopal where, you can get you cake delivery in just 3 hours from the time of ordering a chocolate cake for your husband or kids. \

5 Payment method to order a cake online

We have so many payment method like Google pay , phone pay, paytm, Debit card, Net banking, and credit card you can choose according to your comfort.

Chocolate cake for Anniversary to Celebrate your love

A Perfect chocolate cake for anniversary with fresh 100 roses bouquet by flowera gives your anniversary a remarkable joy, It is the most popular gift for husband and wife because usually both gender loves the delicious dark cocoa flavor. You can just simple ask us to deliver a delicous chocolate cake for your wife to make her know that you always care.

Flowera will easily all your worries of delivering a designer chocolate cake for your husband or wife on your first anniversary, we understand youy busy scheduke and importance of your wedding year completion, thus to give you hassel free enjoyment we build this delicious cake delivery portal for you.